When I first entered online business, it didn't take me long to discover the "guru train". Everyone has a free hour-long call telling you how you absolutely need their coaching. Everyone has the top five mistakes you can make if you do things the hard way. 

There's nothing wrong with that. Marketing is marketing - I care if what you're selling works. And so many of their insights have been smart and valuable and helped me along. 

But there's so much of it.  I learned quickly that if I spent all my time learning, and none of it doing, then my time was worth absolutely nothing. So how to pick the right course for me, on the budget I have?

Enter Goddess Leonie. You might have seen her around: colorful hand-lettered banners, showing serene-looking art of women? Or a picture of the lady herself with a smile as huge as the sun? I've seen a thousand business courses out there. But something about Leonie's just tugged at me. With her creativity and her spirit, I knew her course was the right one to choose, and I haven't been disappointed.

Let's get this out of the way: yes, I'm affiliated with Leonie. But I wouldn't be affiliated with anything if it wasn't 1000% fantastic. And in just a few weeks, Leonie's course has been helping me move forward in my business with confidence, creativity, and real, insightful ideas! 

The course is designed so you can leap into it at any stage, with awesome worksheets about ideas for your business, ways to advertise, the practical end of setting things up, and how to care for yourself in the process. Leonie's life-affirming spirit gives real confidence and ease to the whole thing, but it's all working for her: she's making six figures at her own business, living her dreams.

But the best part of Leonie's course is what you get in the process. Leonie gives her entire set of classes away, for just $99 a year. Courses on creativity and self-care, meditations and chakra healing guides, and of course the business course - it's all there! And you get the Goddess Circle, an awesome forum with hundreds of creative, inspiring women working through the courses and sharing their experiences. The support you'll get and the connections you'll make is worth the cost alone.

I've picked now to tell you about this because Leonie is actually raising her rates on July 3rd. You'll still get an incredible amount of content for one fee all year, but the prices are going to be raised to $199. Which is still more than your money's worth for everything she offers - but you can avoid that extra $100! If you enter the Goddess Circle before July 3rd, you're still going to be paying at the earlier rate, kind of like an Early Bird Special. 

And honestly, guys, that's why I'm picking right this second to talk about why the Goddess Circle is amazing - because now's the time to act - but Leonie's work is incredible any day of the year. It is so, so worth it to check her out, join the Circle, and access the incredible body of work she has to offer.

Just click the Business Goddess image in this blog post, or the image on my sidebar - the one that says 'Click to Discover the Goddess In You'. And I'm looking forward to seeing you there!

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