I can't believe it's already November! The year's gone by so fast, and it's been a major one with a lot of big changes. Now it's time to reflect on the past year, reward ourselves for everything we accomplished, and set our sights for the new year ahead. And it's in the spirit of things to come that I'm hosting my first giveaway!

One major accomplishment for me this year was creating my first e-course, Tarot Journeys: Of Mentors and Magic Wands. Now I'm giving away a copy of the entire six week e-course, free to one lucky member of my tribe! 

Tarot Journeys is a creative, wisdom-filled look at the first six Major Arcana of the Tarot. Whether you're brand new to Tarot or want a fresh look at the cards, these powerful archetypes will become your mentors and guides on a journey to claim your own power and become your truest, most powerful self. 

The course has six e-books, two meditations, and six unique Tarot spreads I've created myself.  Each week is jam-packed with meditations, journal prompts, exercises and worksheets to take you through one card at a time, teaching you to:
  • take the leap on a new goal or project with the Fool
  • feel like a master of your environment with the Magician
  • trust your intuition with the High Priestess
  • harness your creativity with the Empress
  • claim your own inner authority with the Emperor
  • tap into your spirituality with the Heirophant

It's a powerful new way to discover the teaching side of Tarot, while also discovering yourself. 

Here's how to enter:

1. The winner will be announced November 24th in my newsletter, so be sure to click the link (or use the box at the top of any page on this site) and sign up! You'll also receive a copy of my free offer, Your Tarot Journal, with 22 journal prompts for self-discovery!

2. Then leave a comment below about why you'd like to win, and which card you're most looking forward to connecting with. Be sure to leave your name and email address so I can contact you.

3. You can add up to two additional entries into this contest! Click here to share this giveaway on Facebook, or here to talk about it on Twitter. Then link to it in your comment to this post.

Good luck, and thank you so much for being a part of my tribe this year!


This contest is now closed! Congratulations to Christine for winning the giveaway! You'll be receiving a link to the course material in your inbox today!

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