Want to misbehave - and feel like a better person at the end of it all?  I've been giving some thought to all the things we were told not to do as kids, maybe even as adults.  And the more I look at it, the more I see that some of my favorite things to do are things that color outside the lines.  They make me smarter, more thoughtful, and lesss afraid of "doing it wrong."  Most importantly, they make me feel more like MYSELF, in all my unique glory.  

This article is going to spread out over a few days, so take today to reflect on the first two in the list and experiment.  Take a look and see if you've been doing any of these things too!

1. Daydream

Okay, to be fair, the subconscious isn't a secret anymore.  If anything, it's become a joke at this point.  "The house in the dream represents your mind, and that train entering the tunnel...uhm, let's move on."  But our imaginations are filled with so much amazing potential.  And they can tell us so many things when we're not even looking for it.  If anything, that's what Tarot is all about - using images to unlock our imaginations and the stories we tell ourselves.

Even if you don't get a subconscious breakthrough, or a message from the angels/saints/deities of your choice, you ARE going to find out what makes you tick: what excites you, attracts you, wakes your mind up when the day-to-day just doesn't.  Take a look at the things you imagine, both asleep and awake.  Hell, take a look at the things you doodle on an envelope while you're talking on the phone.  Chances are you'll find at least one thing about yourself that you've never noticed before.

2. Talk to yourself

You won't look "crazy."  Sure, schizophrenics do this, but so does everyone else while we're puttering around the kitchen; it's a good way to organize our minds.  But there's another trick to the wide world of spiritual discovery, and you don't even need a meditation or a summoned spirit guide to do it - though they help!  

The next time everything is a mess, light a candle or two and put on some relaxing music.  Then just lie down in your bed and have a long conversation.  Imaging yourself in a place that feels beautiful, calming, and safe - and imagine meeting yourself there to chat.  Maybe you're meeting "you" from five years down the line, when all these worries are going to seem like a blip on the timeline of your life.  Maybe you're meeting "you" from your childhood, or some hurt you can't let go of.  It could be "you" from this minute, right now - but what's important is you sit and talk.  Just let your mind be free and imagine what you have to say to yourself.  It might feel like you're making it up; maybe you are and maybe you're not.  But what you find can certainly help.

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