If you ask witchy types what a "Fluffy Bunny" is, you'll get a hundred different answers.

They talk about white light, and the people who hate them are just cynical jerks. They talk about white light, and judge anyone who shows anger or pain. They judge spiritual paths that are too "scary". They're too accepting of just about anything in their spiritual path, without doing the proper research and work. They trust authors that are inaccurate - no one can agree on which authors, mind you, or just what the inaccuracies are .  

Really, the only way I made peace with my fear of being a "fluffy bunny" was when I ignored the conversation altogether. Historical accuracy was something I could gauge, so I checked if that was up to snuff, and the rest? Whatever works for you.  And it all seemed to, so why should I care?

But a few weeks ago, a conversation popped up about Tarot that brought the whole idea into my thoughts again. The heated debate went: Tarot has been used to teach spiritual mysteries, and has been part of a lot of magickal ceremonies. Now, it's mostly used for "fortune-telling". Has Tarot been turned into a fluffy New-Agey oracle? Has the "real" meaning of things been corrupted somehow?  

I mainly rolled my eyes and ignored the whole thing, as more people slowly broke in: intuitive Tarot isn't as "meaningful." Just teaching the symbolism and magickal meanings aren't as "accurate." And my favorite: we all needed to "admit" that intuition wasn't real, was just an element of our imagination, that there's no such thing as psychic development. Only then can we grow spiritually.

And I thought: Seriously, guys?  Seriously? You just talked about the names of God and the angelic correspondences to the Tree of Life, and you're an authority on whether something is made up or not? We work with the Platonic elements and robes and magic wands. We discuss the meaning of 78 pieces of artwork printed on card stock. Most people think we're ridiculous.

And even if you don't, and you're the most mainstream Judeo-Christian out there: someone still thinks you're just talking to imaginary friends.

The human mind is so vast, so varied, so full of thoughts and ideas. Patterns and symbols and stories, they're part of how we learn and grow. That's what Tarot is all about: seeing what story the cards tell you, and using it to inform your life and the choices you make. So unless you are flat-out inventing stuff, or appropriating cultures and passing it off as "authentic", your spiritual life?  None of my business.

If you want to develop as a psychic, a witch, a Tarot reader, or even just a spiritual person, there are three whole things you have to do:

- Learn as much about what you want to know as possible.
- Practice it.
- Don't be an ass to people who do it differently.

Tarot's a giant spiritual metaphor, a psychic springboard, a set of journaling prompts, the Book of Life, a storytelling kit, a card game, and a set of 78 pieces of artwork. But really, it's a tool. Your magickal, fantastic mind does the work. And that's as it should be. 

How do you Tarot?  And what are your thoughts about fuzzy little lagomorphs and the hardasses who love them?  I'd love to hear your thoughts!

6/8/2012 12:45:59 am

Pah! I always laugh at those types of conversations. Because reality is based on our perceptions, and our perceptions are influenced by our beliefs, everyone's going to see things differently. Not really a practical use of my time to try to gauge whether everyone's doing things 'right' or not.. so I've been ignoring the 'fluffy bunny' conversation for years.

How do I do tarot? I pull a deck of cards, center, focus, and listen. That's all there is to it, really. Nice post! :)

6/13/2012 10:25:22 am

Thanks so much, Jessica! Absolutely, our beliefs and the way we see the world influences everything. We can learn more by learning, we can make our beliefs as educated as we can, but in the end beliefs are all they are. And plenty of them can't be proven!

I do think readers should at least look into the basics of esoteric Tarot's symbols and traditions, but that's because learning different opinions on what we do can only make our readings better. But even that is an opinion, I guess. ;)

7/13/2012 06:31:33 am

I love tarot and I don't mind saying. I do dislike the term, "woo woo". It seems to be used a lot lately and I think it is a pat way of dismissing lots of people that may be authentically doing some good work.

I am one of the "intuitive tarot" readers. I don't read "professionally", although I have been reading cards for about 30 years so I guess I might qualify. Somehow the cards just talk to me. I don't know really how accurate they are, but it seems as if the readings are accurate by the responses I get. People really like it. I also like the I Ching. These two oracles are very different, though. The runes different yet and I love those too. I think that sometimes we just need a reason to access our intuition. It is there, all the time, under the surface, but some of us just feel the need to use a little tool to push us forward. Nothing wrong with that. Thanks for a thoughtful post.


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