Why do I love Tarot?

Because Tarot is about stories. It's about creating a life where you walk with wanderers, magicians, and kings. Where you see the big, powerful themes of your life, and the small but poignant scenes that make up who you are. Where you're able to review your life's story and see how you want it to be told.

Because it's about possibilities. Because I can take a look at seven cards laid out in a pattern and see myself reflected back at me - parts of me I'd never considered before, and options I'd never imagined. Because when we're bogged down by too many choices, or by a sense of being overwhelmed and lost, we're able to illuminate our path and see one direction where it might lead.

Because Tarot is art. It's taking 78 ideas, 78 moments from life, and seeing the myriad ways those images have evolved and changed from person to person, theme to theme, artist to artist. It's seeing the unique lens through which each deck views our lives, and then learning about yourself through which images speak to you.

Because the world needs magick. Because we're magick, and the sheer power and beauty of peering into the unknown and calling up what we find there is something we're never too old for. 


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8/31/2012 02:03:55 am

Of course I agree! There are so many different ways to use it, and I love the ones you highlighted - seeing parts of ourselves we don't normally pay attention to, options we never imagined, and of course using it to navigate our path when we are overwhelmed by choices.

I found myself wanting to write a poem. "Oh, Tarot, how do I love thee...let me count" to 78. :-)

9/3/2012 09:56:58 am

Definitely the kind of thing to make you wax melodic. ;) There are so many ways to use it, it's no wonder Tarot's lasted hundreds of years.

8/31/2012 03:43:10 am

It's cheaper than therapy. :-)

9/3/2012 09:58:10 am

Also that! :) And as a big fan of therapy, can uncover things therapy doesn't, or say it in a different way. Sometimes you need the right medium to deliver the message!

9/2/2012 08:22:18 am

I love the passion that came out in your words! I had my first Tarot reading recently and it was truly inspiring and eye-opening. It is fun and helps you move forward when you're stuck, recognize the happiness and joy currently in your life and remind you of the safety the universe ultimately holds for us all!

9/3/2012 09:58:49 am

That is awesome, Gina! I love seeing more people discover what a good reading can do.

9/2/2012 06:20:24 pm

I love this. Written so beautifully that I just want to read it again and again. I can feel your enthusiasm for Tarot shining through, lovely :)

9/3/2012 10:00:54 am

Thanks so much, Kama! That's a huge compliment, I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

9/3/2012 08:57:15 am

That's beautiful. :) I, too, love the illumination that the tarot can provide.

9/3/2012 09:59:39 am

Thanks so much, Mary! I felt like doing something a little different, getting a little poetic about my work. ;)

3/15/2013 11:20:41 pm

“Because Tarot is art”.. true and beautifully said!


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